Gwenaëlle BRIAND DECRGwenaelle BDfinaleÉ
Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of Angers, LUNAM University
Head of Master’s Degree International negotiation and international business
Member of GRANEM research Center- UMR MA 49



Dr. Gwenaëlle Briand-Decré is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at University of Angers (France). She holds degrees from University Paris Dauphine (MS, Ph.D.). Her honors include the Aguirre- Basualdo Award of “Chancellerie de Paris” (2012) and Dia Mart award for the best paper with managerial contribution (Etienne Thil conference 2012). She is also an affiliate member of Professor Aradhna Krishna’s Sensory Marketing Laboratory at the University of Michigan.

Her most recent publications and studies have concerned sensory marketing in retail and virtual environment. Her areas of interest cover how the visual and haptic senses affect consumer perception of spaces, retailers, brands and products. She is currently working on consumer biases and how these biases influence packaging evaluation and purchase decision.

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